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  Ober Gatlinburg


The Aerial Tram

A great way to get up the mountain quickly is to take the Aerial Tram from the west end of town. Tickets are round trip, and they provide busses if the weather turns and they can't run you back down on the tram later in the day.  The cost is average for this type of thing, so you wont save any money over driving up, and it is more of an experience than a time saver.  The Tram ride is narrated and the views are breathtaking.  This is by far the best way to get a good overview of the whole area. 

At The Top

You have several options of things to do once you get to the "top".  The lodge has an indoor ice skating rink, several shops (with tourist souvenirs mostly), a few snack shops and a restaurant.  We ate lunch at the resaurant, and I'd recommend eating before you go up, or taking a sack lunch.  The dinner service may be better, but the lunch wasn't impressive at all.  Out side there are several more options during the warm months.  They have wildlife display which is fairly limited.  I wouldn't recommend it except the money goes to support the animals, who clearly need it.  They have a few bears, some birds and some other small wildlife.  Really its kind of a small zoo.  The 3 main attractions are the ski lift to the mountain peak, the Alpine Slide and the amusement rides. Tickets for these attractions are expensive, but we found if you buy the all inclusive ticket, you get pleanty of bang for your buck.  Your ticket will get you unlimited rides in the amusement area, unlimited rides on the Alpine Slide, and a trip to the mountain peak.  

Water Ride
View from the top
Alpine Slide
Wildlife Encounter

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